How to Hang Lights on a Pergola? 4 Easy Steps

Looking for that perfect glow under your pergola? Stop wondering how to hang lights on a pergola – we’ve got you covered.

You’re just 4 steps away from turning your pergola into the starry sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

No hassle, no confusion.

To hang lights on a pergola, you need the right outdoor lights, the perfect layout, and a handful of simple tools like zip ties and cup hooks.

Follow these 4 easy tips, and you’ll light up your outdoor haven in no time.

How to Hang Lights on a Pergola

What Kind of Lights Can You Hang On Your Pergola?

Confused about what type of lights will make your pergola shine? You’re not alone. The choices can be overwhelming but don’t fret.

We’ve curated a list of the top outdoor lights that not only look fabulous. After all, why settle for mediocre when you can have extraordinary?

1. LED Festoon Lights

Outdoor LED Festoon Lights are renowned for their versatility. With their gentle glow, they can accentuate the architecture of your pergola, creating layers of illumination that enhance its beauty.

Whether you’re aiming for a fairy-tale atmosphere or a more understated elegance, these outdoor string lights can be arranged to match your vision perfectly.

  • Their design allows for a range of hanging styles.
  • Want them draped elegantly between posts? Done.
  • Thinking of a criss-cross pattern of light strands overhead? That works too.

Their flexible nature of hanging string lights means they can easily adapt to the unique shape and style of your pergola.

2. Exterior Wall Sconce

Allow me to introduce you to the classic choice that never goes out of style: Exterior wall sconces.

Why might these be exactly what you’re looking for?

Exterior wall sconces bestow upon your outdoor environment a timeless and refined elegance. They epitomize the harmonious fusion of aesthetic form and practical functionality, contributing not only illumination but also an ornamental dimension to your pergola.

And they’re not just for walls!

With a little creativity, you can mount these sconces on the posts of your pergola, surrounding your outdoor dining area or cozy reading nook with soft, focused light.

One of the best parts?

These fixtures exhibit remarkable versatility in their design spectrum. Ranging from sleek, contemporary aesthetics to intricate wrought iron craftsmanship, there exists an extensive array of Exterior Wall Sconces, ensuring a seamless alignment with your distinctive style preferences.

3. Light Timber Round Chandelier

If LED festoon lights and exterior wall sconces caught your eye, wait until you hear about the next showstopper: the light timber round chandelier.


Here’s why it could be the crowning glory for your pergola.

First off, let’s talk about compatibility. If your pergola is made of wood, the light timber round chandelier is a match. Its natural, woodsy elements harmonize effortlessly with wooden structures, creating a cohesive and elegant aesthetic that feels like an extension of your pergola itself.

But what if your pergola is made of aluminum? No worries.

The earthy tones of the chandelier can add warmth and contrast, making your aluminum pergola feel more inviting and comfortable. Either way, it’s a win-win.

The chandelier boasts an artful blend of rustic and refined elements, creating a distinctive focal point that is both visually captivating and tastefully designed. It serves as a conversation-starting statement piece that commands attention.

4. Industrial Cage Pendant Light Vintage Style

Allow us to transition our focus to an option that embodies both ruggedness and refinement: the industrial cage pendant light in vintage style.

Why might this be the ideal pick to illuminate your outdoor haven?

Firstly, the design is hard to beat. These pendant lights capture the essence of vintage charm, giving your pergola an authentic, lived-in feel.

Ever wanted a cozy, laid-back atmosphere under your pergola? This lighting option gets you there.

But the industrial cage pendant light vintage style isn’t all about aesthetics; it’s also a practical choice.

The cage design is particularly useful in high-wind areas, keeping your bulbs safe while offering that weathered, rustic look. It’s this blend of form and function that sets it apart.

5. Bell Shape Retro Glass Pendant

Intrigued by the array of lighting choices so far? Then you’ll want to hear about our next contender, the bell-shaped retro glass pendant.

What makes it the go-to choice for some pergola owners?

Let’s start with its unique aesthetic. This pendant exudes a retro elegance that instantly uplifts your outdoor space. The bell-shaped glass not only disperses light in a soft, ambient manner but also becomes an eye-catching focal point.

Its glass design offers another advantage: it allows for a variety of light glass bulbs to be used, from Edison-style bulbs for a more classic look to colored bulbs for a whimsical touch.

6. Concrete Pendant Light

Breaking away from the traditional, the concrete pendant light offers something truly unique for your pergola. This isn’t your average hanging light; its minimalist, industrial vibe adds a contemporary edge to any outdoor space.

Even in the event that your pergola leans toward a more traditional aesthetic, the concrete pendant light proves to be an exquisite choice as a contrasting element. Its austere design and subdued color palette offer an unexpected yet harmonious counterpoint to classic styles.

How to Hang Lights on Pergola? Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Choose the Right Type of Lights

Choose the Right Type of Lights

So, you’ve decided to elevate your outdoor space by hanging lights on your pergola.

The first crucial step?

Picking the right type of lights that not only illuminate but also complement your pergola. You’ve got options galore, but how do you make the right choice?

If you’re the proud owner of a modern metal pergola, perhaps concrete pendant lights would offer that sleek, industrial vibe you’re after. For those with rustic wooden pergolas, a light timber round chandelier might be more up your alley.

Or maybe you’ve installed a new covered patio and you’re eyeing a classic look; in that case, bell-shaped retro glass pendants could be your go-to. And, if you need bright lighting you can opt for commercial-grade string lights.

Remember, the type of lights you choose should mesh well with the existing design of your outdoor structure.

Whether it’s LED festoon light string adding a festive touch or exterior wall sconces for focused illumination, the aim is to select lights that not only serve your functional needs but also add to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space.

Step 2: Measure and Plan

Got your lights picked out?

Now, let’s roll up those sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty: planning and measuring.

You wouldn’t bake a cake without knowing how many eggs you need, right? The same logic applies here. Whether you’re going for string lights or hanging pendant lights, accurate measurements are key.

First, let’s talk length. If you’ve opted for light strings, you’ll want to measure the perimeter of your pergola, as well as any cross-beams where you plan to drape the lights. This ensures you’ll have enough length to create the desired effect.

For pendant lights and wall sconces, consider how many you’ll need to adequately illuminate your space while keeping aesthetics in mind.

Now, what about placement?

For instance, do you want the sconces on the inside for a cozy dining atmosphere, or on the outside to highlight the structure, or what pattern should be pendant lights placed? Your first mounting location sets the tone, whether it’s a corner for string lights, pendant lights, or a central beam for a statement chandelier.

Don’t overlook the practicalities, either.

Is there a nearby power supply to plug in those stunning lights? You might need an outdoor extension cord to bridge the gap. And if your pergola is a distance away from the main house, planning for a power supply is crucial.

Step 3: Install the Lights and Secure the Installation

Measure and Plan

So, you’ve picked your lights and mapped out where they’ll go.

Now comes the fun part: bringing your outdoor space to life by actually hanging those lights. Whether you’re working with string lights or individual pendants, proper installation ensures both safety and style.

For those hanging string lights, zip ties or outdoor-rated ties are your best friends. Thread these through the loops on your string lights and secure them around the beams of your pergola. The goal here is a snug fit – tight enough to withstand winter weather conditions but not so tight that you risk damaging the cords or your pergola’s structure. Outdoor command hooks can also be a reliable option if you want a less permanent solution.

What if you’ve decided on chandelier or pendant lights?

You’ll need to install screw hooks into the beams where each light will hang. After the hooks are in place, you can hang the lights, making sure each pendant is properly leveled.

Whether you’ve chosen a light timber round chandelier or a modern concrete pendant light, securing each light properly is paramount.

Upon completing the installation of your lighting fixtures, exercise caution before hastening to connect them to a power source. Allocate a moment to meticulously scrutinize your work. Only when you are assured that all components are in proper order should you proceed to illuminate your pergola, thereby witnessing the realization of your meticulously crafted design.

Step 4: To Ensure the Wiring Stays Hidden

You’ve meticulously selected your lights, measured your space, and securely fastened each bulb. Almost there, but let’s not forget one tiny yet significant detail: the wiring.

Visible wires can distract from the magic of your well-lit pergola, turning your outdoor oasis into a DIY project gone awry.

So, how can you keep those pesky wires under wraps?

For pendant lights and wall sconces like the exterior wall sconce, cord concealer covers work wonders. These nifty devices wrap around the cords, rendering them virtually invisible. It’s not just about hiding the wires, though; it’s also about making sure the covers blend with your pergola’s aesthetic.

If you’ve got a natural wood pergola, opt for cord concealer covers in a complementary earthy hue.

Got a modern metal pergola?

A sleek black or metallic shade could be your best bet.


And there you have it – your comprehensive guide on how to hang lights on a pergola to illuminate your outdoor space like a pro. Whether you’re an aficionado of hanging string lights or have a penchant for dazzling patio lights, mastering the art of pergola illumination is now well within your reach.

From the first step of choosing your lights – be it outdoor lights or specific patio lights – to the intricate task of hiding the wiring, every stage is crucial. And let’s not forget the different techniques to hang outdoor string lights securely and artistically.

Prefer to hang string lights loosely for a whimsical vibe or hanging pendent lights at varied lengths. That works too!

Remember, the goal is not only to brighten your space but also to create an atmosphere where every moment spent is a moment cherished.

The journey to an elegantly lit pergola doesn’t end once the lights are up. With your lights securely fastened and your wiring artfully concealed, your next task is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere you’ve created. Your outdoor space has been transformed, and those hanging outdoor lights are a testament to your style and know-how.

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